Barre* 16:30 - 17:30

Balanced Body Barre™ is a high energy fusion of Barre exercises, sculpting and Pilates principles. Created by Zayna Gold, the founder of Boston Body Pilates, this class integrates stretching and precise isometric toning.

Filled with plenty of pliés and reléves, our Balanced Body Barre™ class is set to lively music and utilizes a horizontal or ballet barre to combine the best of the Lotte Berk method, ballet technique and Pilates movements.

Not all Barre programs are safe for everyone, but our Balanced Body Barre™ approach emphasizes safety, optimal alignment and body awareness while keeping the fun energy of a Barre workout.

Certified instructors pay close attention to form and detail within each move. This class is a great complement to your arms, waist, hips and Pilates routine.

Instructor: Kim

*You must reserve spot for Barre classes. Book online at:  For directions on online booking, click here.