Meet Lisa

IMG_5974What do you do at Powerhouse Gym Miller Place? I am the personal training manager and group exercise instructor.

How long have you been doing it?  I have been a certified personal trainer and group ex instructor for 15 years.

Favorite part of your day? The favorite parts of my day are the beautiful moments shared w my kids, my morning coffee, laughing w members during my classes, enjoying the endorphins after my workout and being quiet w my husband once the kids r asleep.

Why do you work out? I love to workout Bc the stress release brings me joy, the feeling of empowerment with my gained physical abilities, I love the art of sculpting my body, improving my physical abilities n improved health AND I can eat garbage food on the weekends.

Do you hold any certifications? I have a Pre-med degree w a concentration in exercise physiology. I have had ACSM, NASM, And ACE personal training certs. I have had AFAA group ex cert, johnnie G & AFAA spinning certs. I was a National certifier for NASM in specialty populations with special certs and education in seniors , pre-postnatal, Pilates Mat and yoga.  Zumba & Zumba Gold instructor.