Meet Kim

IMG_5964What do you do at Powerhouse Gym Miller Place? Personal trainer,  fitness instructor, and a happy face when members walk in.

How long have you been doing it?  I’ve been training personally/professionally for over 18years, instructing for 3years,  and happy for most of my life…haha

Favorite part of your day? Favorite part of my day is walking into the gym @6:30-7:00 amto work out and train clients

Why do you work out? I work out to feel good. And to look good, and to feel good while looking good.  To look good while feeling good.  Also to be strong, flexible,  mobile, agile, fast, limber, and muscular.

 Do you hold any certifications? Certified personal trainer, mind/body specialist, and( soon to be)certified Barre instructor.  Pilates mat instructor, yoga lean/fit/core/senior instructor