Meet Connie Rae

connieraeMeet Connie Rae Marple Aldrich!!

Connie Rae’s journey starts in San Antonio, Texas where her mom once told her she was born singing and thought she would be an opera star! At 8 years of age she began dance classes….. excelling in Tap, Pointe, Ballet and Jazz. By the age of 12 Connie Rae had graduated to teaching her own classes as well as modeling professionally and even teaching skin care and exercise. Just imagine a 12 year old Connie Rae pumping up an aerobics class!! Whew!

Being raised an air force brat she moved 16 times by the end of high school, name a city and she’s probably lived there!!

A trip to California turned into a one year stay where Connie Rae learned to surf! She played music in a coffee house and even saw her hero Bob Dylan go electric at the Hollywood Bowl!!

Returning back home to San Antonio she got married and had two daughters and began teaching exercise and dance again.

Singing and songwriting as well as a desire to be fit and inspire others to also be fit are her passions. This continued when her husbands job transferred them to New York in 1983. Her passion to teach exercise and aerobics returned. Connie Rae got re-certified and began a new chapter of her life on Long Island. She loves teaching group exercise!! The comaraderie and energy is electrifying!!! Her students, who she adores, are her inspiration. Her two daughters, five grandkids and her rebel husband are her heartbeat.

At home she and her husband passionately care for four rescue cats that live with them as well as a feral colony that live on their property.

Connie Rae’s future plans are to teach exercise and sing til the end! She tells us she loves what she does because “this is who I am”

Her core principles are upward and onward through the fog, do the right thing, music is life and NEVER GIVE UP!

You can find Connie Rae at Power House Studio Monday 8am & 4:30pm, Wednesday 8am and Friday at 9:15 am She sends out much love to all her peeps.