New to Spinning? Clip in for Spinning 101 with Renee

New to Spinning? Clip in for Spinning 101 with Renee

A fun and challenging cardiovascular workout, Spinning® is designed to build strength, increase endurance & boost stamina. Taught on a stationary bike, classes are technique based with a focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, sprints, jumps, climbs, and runs.

Inspirational music, timing, visualization, and breath awareness are used to create a true mind body experience. With a bike designed to fit all shapes, sizes, levels & abilities, the Spinning® Program has always had one single goal: to bring health and fitness to every lifestyle. Come and have a blast while getting in the best cardiovascular shape of your life!

With opportunities to ask the Renee questions, we will focus on finding your perfect bike set-up, clipping in and out, practicing proper form and using resistance to help you ride in a safe and efficient way.

Everything you wanted to know about spin, but were too afraid to try, our complimentary intro sessions are happening:

  • Wednesday, April 5th @ 6pm
  • Wednesday, April 12th @ 6pm
Limited space available. Registration required.
 Spinning 101 was created for riders who have taken 0 to 2 classes but we welcome anyone seeking personal instruction on basic fundamentals to attend


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