This is Why Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Failed

This is Why Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Failed

January is the notoriously the best month for new membership sales, gym check ins, new fitness regimens and weight loss programs. However, you will probably not be shocked to hear what I say next. Statistically speaking, with the “Resolution Seekers” that join in January, 4% of them never end up going to the gym, 18% stop going altogether by February and the remaining 78% quit within 5 months!

Why do people fail? People fail because they have unrealistic expectations on themselves. They don’t know what an actual achievable result is, the time needed to manage it and how to get there. Per Jay Schenck, Certified Personal Trainer at Powerhouse Gym, “Fitness is a change of life, an investment in yourself with high risk. There is no guarantee your goals will be met or a guarantee you’ll succeed. But with any good investment, education, patience and ambition it will always push you in the right direction.”


It takes 66-254 days to become a habit and this depends on the person, circumstance and behavior. A habit you are doing daily will take closer to the 66 days, one you do 3 times a week will take closer to the 254 days. This, I can attest to, I started flossing nightly years ago and it was the hardest 30 seconds to make into a habit, but finally after months of making myself do it I can’t imagine going to bed without doing it! Going to the gym 3 times a week will be the same. Making yourself go when you don’t feel like it is important. Eventually you will wonder why it took you so long!

Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself that has you crashing and burning. For example, if you haven’t been to a gym in years shoot for 3 days a week. Once that becomes a “habit” reevaluate your goals and decide if 3 days is helping you meet those goals in a realistic way. Starting out by saying you are going to hit the gym every day is a definite way to burn yourself out and end up one of those statistics.

Nearly half the members at Powerhouse Gym Miller Place work out with someone else. Look for someone at the gym to buddy up with, and meet there on your days to work out. Having an extra person looking for you at the gym is motivation to get there.

With any new routine, try to swap out as many bad habits into good ones that you can. Never leave home without healthy snacks because starving is unrealistic! (Check out these homemade protein bars) Don’t be afraid to change up your routines so you don’t get bored! There are 60 or so Group Exercises classes at Powerhouse Gym Miller Place which will give you the opportunity to find something you truly enjoy doing and people to do it with.

About 30% of gym goers admit to never breaking a sweat (I know!!) and wonder why they aren’t achieving their goals. Only 12.5% of people work out with trainers, but ask those who do so and you will hear the many reasons why they love it. For one, it keeps them accountable and showing up to the gym (you get charged money when you don’t show up for your appointment and nobody likes to lose money). Having a trainer is like having your own personal cheerleader, coach and instructor. They are experts for a reason. They train to know the body, how to change it for the better, how to keep their clients motivated and on track with their specific goals. And most people like knowing that they aren’t in this alone.

Utilize the benefits of 1-On-1 Personal Training… but with a partner or group (up to 3 people)!  Powerhouse Gym Miller Place group personal trainers do one thing differently than an exercise instructor – they coach. In a group personal training setting, members are often doing different things at their own customized level of fitness or ability. The obvious advantage of group personal training as compared to one-on-one training is cost In addition to cost savings, with group personal training you get the added benefit of motivation from both your friends and the Trainer.

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